Top-down education


With Top-down Education I want to put a new type of education on the market. Just like Montessori, Freinet or Free School were new forms of education during their time. They then had a new insight into exceptional children on which they have built up their education.
Top-down Education has another new insight into today’s exceptional and highly intelligent children, on which we have developed a complete, new and coherent education system.

Top-down Education is suitable for every student.

The central theme is ‘Preparing for your own adult life’.

It is a top-down education system that results in your own inner pace, using your own learning method and measuring how well the learning material is controlled all by yourself.
This concept includes primary education, high school (secondary) education and a general bachelor’s degree program. This education can be offered in the various current school environments.

Through the menu you will find information about how pupils, apprentices and other stakeholders will experience this educational concept and why every pupil and interested party benefit from this organizational form.

You can help with making this educational concept available by having your name placed here. This indicates that you find it an interesting concept and that you would like to see it available to all students.

You may leave your questions and / or comments on every page. Or you can contact the undersigned free of any obligation.

You’ll find more information here.

Willem Wind.

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